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You Can Do Wood Framed Mirrors Yourself

Bathroom Mirrors Framed Wood

Wood framed mirrors are modern and eco-friendly trend in design. Wood frames are one of the best backgrounds for creative ideas. You can paint them, decorate with ornaments or colourful paper. This creative process will admire the whole family including children.
Such DIY project is mostly easy. Meanwhile, there are some important aspects you need to remember:

  • If you decorate wood framed bathroom mirrors, don’t forget to protect the frame from sweating and influence of humidity with special agents;
  • Be careful during the restoration of old wood framed mirrors. They can cause injuries or contain harmful insects;
  • Children can take part in decoration only under parents’ control.

Let’s start to turn the untasteful plain mirror to a family’s masterpiece. Start with measurements of its vertical and horizontal sides. To find required size of wood pieces add 1 or 2 extra inches. You need four pieces – two bigger and two shorter. It’s better to cut them using a router bit. Don’t afraid to stop sometimes during routing, especially if you do it at the first time. Control straightness of the edge. Be sure that ends of wood sit flush with frame sides.
Then run pieces twice through a table saw. It removes a little rectangle of the wood. After that lineup frame sides, glue them with corners and drill pocket holes in their corners. Be careful during this operation if the wood isn’t in perfect shape.
The next steps depend on your personal style. If you prefer beach wood framed mirrors, decorate baseboard with seashells and stones. We’re sure that your family will put some unused things on the frame making it unique. In case, you have no skills to do such work you should buy a ready one. Google will help you to find the nearest mirror shop where you find your desired speculum.

Rustic Wood Framed Mirrors

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