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Custom Etched Mirrors

The film “Home Alone” born a strong interest to etched mirrors. These units are now still popular among Europeans and Americans due to sandblasting effects. Such mirrors are more private than their classic analogs. Everybody who is outside of the room with etched looking-glasses can see only silhouettes. You can decorate them with ethnical or your favourite ornament which imbues décor with magic. Even more – a speculum may magnetize more light.

The most common are etched bathroom mirrors. They give no chance to paparazzi who like to catch you near shower door or right in the bath. Nobody will break your relax. The business also benefits from their advantages. The surface of etched bar mirrors is friendly to decorating with letters, images or other things. They will be not only decoration of the hall but also double space and reflect more natural or artificial light.

Etched Mirrors

This fact allows you to use such units as a gift. What is better than personalized etched mirrors with engraved person’s or brand name on it. Sandblasting effects help to create magnificent interiors. The stairs, fireplace niches decorated with such keeping-glasses .transform to a better side. The speculums have no limits in design. It will reflect not only interior of your room but also your inner world. The best annex to etched mirror system is muted lightning.

You can put them everywhere in the house. Choose big or find some little speculums and combine them as you like. Or maybe you want etched mirrored panels and ability to watch your full-length appearance? We recommend you to choose the right place for mirrors carefully. They afraid very warm or very cold areas. Don’t put them in children’s playing zones as kids may break the speculum and cut themselves.

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