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Tips How to make Unique Bathroom Mirrors

Cool Bathroom Mirrors

Do you think unique bathroom mirrors are expensive? You’re partially right. But even plain mirror may turn to unique one with a limited budget. Everything you need is creative skills, tool set and your imagination.

Let’s start to make cool bathroom mirrors. You need:

Unique Bathroom Vanity Mirrors
  • Baseboard Moulding with Cap,
  • Miter saw,
  • Paint,
  • Brush,
  • Caulk and gun for it,
  • Liquid nails,
  • Pencil and measuring tape.

Dimensions and quantity of tools and materials depend on measurements of your bathroom mirror. At first use measuring tape to find the size of required baseboard moulding pieces. You need two longer and two shorter pieces for all sides of your unique mirrors for a bathroom. Cut them with miter saw set to 45 degrees angle. When pieces are ready, paint their back near their top edges. The unfinished moulding paint won’t reflect after the installation. Let it dry.

On the next step flip pieces on the right side and paint one or two coats on them. Your frame is mostly ready. It’s time to frame the mirror now. So put liquid nails on the back. It’s very important to start with the bottom pieces. Control their placement on one level using bubble level or backsplash. Mark places where you put liquid nail with tape and pencil. They dry quickly. You have little time between their allocation and installation of the ready mirror on the wall.

If you think that you made askew joints, correct them with caulk. Prefer comfortable container to use without a gun. All you need to do is to cut the top under the angle and run through the joint. Your work will look as you called the professional carpenter to do it. According to this manual, you can create unique bathroom vanity mirrors which reflect your taste and expectations.

Cool Bathroom Mirrors

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