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Creative Vinyl Record Art for Your House

Painted Records Vinyl Record Art

Today vinyl record art is becoming more and more popular.  So, if you haven’t still got rid of your old plates, don’t  even thinking to throw them away. If you don’t make use of them any longer for playing  music and they are  simply  lying without usage in your  cellar,  so what to do with them?

There is a really nice idea that helps you to find a variant on how to make a profit and interesting application of the popular vinyl disks.  Currently there are so little people who listen to music on the old record machines or other out-of- date devices.  There is a great number of these plates, and instead of throwing  away, people  use them to create art clocks, amazing keepers for different purposes, vases, or simply some things that they can use in their everyday life.

Vinyl Record Art Projects

It is an interesting fact that there are many ideas of vinyl record art, because the imagination of people doesn’t have the end.  But the question is on how to make vinyl record art? You have a large diversity of variants. Firstly, you can build up an extraordinary clock, as a result,  all your friends will be astonished and amazed. All that you will need for this work is the only one disk and a mechanism of any old clock, which you don’t use. You also have an opportunity to decorate your wall with the help of these plates, so this kind of work is called vinyl record wall art.

How you can see the choice is rather  big. Different kinds of these disks make them a very attractive thing not only for modern designers, but also for creative people, who likes to make somethingoriginal by their own.

DIY Vinyl Record Wall Art

11 Photos of the Creative Vinyl Record Art for Your House

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