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How to Dye Your Carpet

Natural dye carpet is considered stain of vegetable or animal origin, they are painted starting materials for the production of carpets. With the introduction and use of artificial tints for carpets, carpet weaving has risen to a new level, adding a huge number of colors and shades. Often, there are rugs with unstable colors, their manufacture unscrupulous craftsmen, which save on the purchase of high-quality materials. Therefore, the question arises for the hosts – how to dye carpet yourself?

Typically, yarn painting with natural dyes occurs in two stages. First, the yarn is etched in a hot solution of alum to dyes are firmly bound to the fibers. Next, the yarn put in the tinge bath, and subjected to heat treatment duration and temperature which determines the output shade. Natural dyes are expensive. Their preparation takes time and requires a significant effort.

Carpet Dye Sticks

Black carpet dye can be obtained by applying henna shades and of indigo blue, as well of the solution of ink nuts or nitrate, pomegranate peel juice and cream of tartar and manganese. But if you do not want to look at all these at shops and walk with a list of potions, then you can simply contact the specialty store and buy paint. For effective cleaning, it is desirable to buy or rent a steam engine. The rug, which occupies a large area of the room, should be freed from furniture and interior items. Then you need to give the fibers and lined dry thoroughly before painting. To avoid staining other surfaces should be their cover or seal. It is advisable to apply the tint on the tapestry sprayer, and with a stiff brush can be spread over the entire surface with circular movements. Yet, in rugs made with synthetic colorants have the disadvantage: they do not have multi-colored, typical of natural. For example, a synthetic green will have no streaks of blue and yellow inherent to natural green. Does this matter – it depends on taste.

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