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Oversized Wall Mirrors is Really Good Option

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The oversized wall mirrors transform any interior. The room becomes lighter and brighter because they reflect a lot of natural or artificial light. Its depth and size increase too. We shall tell you about decorative ideas using this type of looking-glass. The first idea is decorating with one large speculum. Some designers consider that it is all you need for improving your design. A great example of such approach showed G. Borgonovo. His Tip Mirror’s striking border adds required depth and style.

Detailed keeping-glass frames cause an architectural interest. They are also focal points inside the hall. Some arts maestros create geometric modern looking-glasses. Their border mimics makes an impression of moving and other fantastic effects.

Large Oversized Wall Mirrors

The owners of small or studio apartments will enjoy next oversized decorative wall mirrors idea. These units may have two or more functions in one. The secret is that speculum contains extra storage space. The horizontal ones may be used as shoe or hygiene shelf and vertical niches fit for clothes storage place. It’s convenient to allocate such piece of the interior in the master’s bedroom or entryway.

And now let’s talk about their environment. Extra-large speculums are a strong eye-catching element of the interior. Therefore, you can put your family photos along its perimeter. Your guests will notice them too.

The best design addition to oversized round and oval wall mirrors is mute lightning. Its power is effective for reading near the fireplace or sitting in a comfortable armchair. But using huge looking-glasses in the bathroom is a big fault. Instead, we recommend to place it in the alcove near your house. Thank you for reading this post. Feel free to read and share our articles about speculum design with your friends and colleagues.

Oversized Oval Wall Mirrors

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