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Modern Floating Wall Shelves

Using floating wall shelves in the modern interior is a reasonable solution if you want to decorate your room and to an additional place for keeping different trifles. They are very interesting and unusual. It seems that they grow straight from the wall.

Decorative floating wall shelves will demonstrate your books, souvenirs, figurine, decorative plates, candles, flowers and photos. Such shelves can be made of different materials: wood, metal, glass, plastic material. They will surely suit to any design, but you should pay attention to the color and the shape.

Floating White Wall Shelves

You will find place for them in any room of your house. They will be helpful in the bathroom to keep all the shampoos, shower gels, cosmetics and aromatic oils. Your recipe-books will always be at hand with the kitchen shelves floating on the wall . It is not necessary to hang them in a row or one above the other. You can hang them in random way, either symmetrically or asymmetrically. If there is a mirror or a picture in the room you can hang the shelves on each side. They can be used also in the corner of the room.

There is some more pleasant information concerning this piece of furniture – the variety of colors. The most popular colors are: black, white, brown, natural wood color. But luckily today manufacturers offer great variety of colors and shapes and you will certainly choose the one you want. They can be not only one-colored, but also multicolored with different pictures of flowers and geometrical figures.

If you need modern floating wall shelves for keeping your things in a little room (bathroom, drawing-room), it is better to choose the light-hued ones and place them one above the other. It will help to save the space and keep many things. Dark color perfectly harmonizes with the light ones and makes the room official, but comfortable at the same time. Everything depends on your fantasy!

Long Floating Wall Shelves

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